Photo of Rachel Efron
Rose Avenue Acoustic Delights presents

Rachel Efron

Singer, songwriter, and pianist
(with Aaron Germain on bass)

in a living room concert
Sunday, January 14 at 2:00 PM

933 Rose Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

$20 in advance, $25 at the door
(All of the money we collect goes to the musicians)


Rachel Efron grew up in Southern Maine, where she learned to play the Chopin études and Debussy preludes that remain central to the way she experiences music. In college at Harvard University, she majored in social anthropology but was equally engrossed with both poetry and jazz piano. After graduating, she moved to Northern California, whose diverse music scene has served as her creative cocoon and catalyst for growth ever since. She has toured extensively on both coasts and released three widely acclaimed full-length albums.

To listen to a Rachel Efron song is to be led across an inner landscape at once beautiful, dangerous, serene, and startling. Rachel offers that rare combination of sophisticated musicianship and commanding lyricism. There is a delicacy and astuteness to her perspective on the world, and she possesses that most precious and rare artistic quality of being able to honestly share herself with her listeners. She travels unabashedly between the soulful and sweet, saucy and swinging, by way of her alternately sincere and comically cynical portraits of life and love.

“She’s not only a great singer but her songwriting is absolutely superb.… Her voice is sort of ethereal but extraordinarily powerful.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

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