Photo of Gonzalo Bergara Quartet
Rose Avenue Acoustic Delights presents

The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet

Gypsy jazz with a hint of Latin flavor

Sold Out

in a living room concert
Wednesday, September 30 at 7:30 PM
(doors open at 7:00)

933 Rose Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

$20 in advance
This concert is sold out. Anyone who makes a reservation will be added to our waiting list.

All proceeds go to the musicians


Gonzalo Bergara has been one of Rose Avenue Acoustic Delights’ most popular performers — both of his previous performances here have sold out. This appearance will be his first with his regular lineup: Jeffrey Radaich on rhythm guitar, Leah Zeger on violin, Brian Netzley on bass, and Gonzalo himself on lead guitar. Their music, a modern variant of 1930s gypsy jazz, is heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France, as well as the traditional jazz and music of Bergara’s native Argentina.

With and without his quartet, Bergara has performed in Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, England, Scotland, Canada, and the US. Venues have included the Montreal Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival, and countless Django Reinhardt festivals throughout the world.

“The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet has charmed fans worldwide.”


“Gonzalo Bergara’s music exists in a way that very little music does. He has lavished such care on every phrase, built each arrangement with such lapidary precision and pared away anything extraneous, the music becomes sculpture.”

—Guitar Player magazine

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